by Sunrise Pilots

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released October 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Sunrise Pilots Denton, Texas

Four beautiful and sweet guys making ugly and sour music.

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Track Name: Lincoln Memorial
With all her wants and all her needs, she's got a mouth I couldn't feed.
Her expectations suffocate, but leaving her was a big mistake.
I've got bad habits and addictions and concrete walls to hide my sins.
I tried too hard, or pushed too far, for what it's worth she left a pretty scar.

Haunted by her memory,
How she used to love me.
Haunted by her memory,
And I'm crawling to her feet.

I am the man from Marseilles, bringing my ship back to shore.
I was waiting for my lover there, but all I found was slander.
Like the Chateau d'If, you have left me with nothing to think but of your betrayal,
One day I will make my escape and set you on trial.
Track Name: Sketchbook Serenade
I sewed my heart to my sleeve,
Now the damn thing won't stop bleeding.

A puddle of letters, an ocean of words
But nothing new to say.
I'm stuck on repeat, don't listen to me.
I thought I was so romantic,
I was just being pedantic.
I cataloged all my antics,
My arguments over semantics.

You broke my heart, I wrote it down
With rhyming words, cacophony of sound.

I'm running out of things to say,
I'm just repeating myself again.

This is where I figure out you're not the one I want,
Something I can't live without, nothing like I thought.
A chemical connection to your subtle way with words,
A typical addiction to your sweet, seductive verse.

We were writing a story all for personal glory,
This is not a happy ending.
Track Name: Wrath of Khan
Talking to you was a nightmare,
I could not speak to you to save my life,
And now I wonder if I even should have.
Hindsight always has been a sweetheart to me.

Stay away until we have our lives together,
My mistakes reverberate forever.

It's over and done, but I can't see the end,
I fell for you once, I'll fall for it again.

I'm going crazy,
Slowly losing sanity,
You're unaffected,
You moved on so easily.

I am going over everything you told me,
I'm falling apart.

I can't go on like this,
I just need a quick fix,
Distraction from pointless
Nonsense pushing limits.
Track Name: Maxine
Lately I can't sleep so easily,
To pass the time I think of you and me.
For what it's worth, that stupid kiss you left me with
Meant less to you than I thought it did.

I can't believe that this whole thing was a dream.
Don't lie to me, this is not at all what it seems.

With everything that we've been through,
It's no surprise that you're afraid.
Just so you know, I don't blame you
For anything you said or did,
It's my mistake.
Track Name: Chasing Amy
You weren't as needy as me
And that was terrifying.
I worried over nothing,
Your love was never fleeting.
These old insecurities
Got the upper hand on me,
They told me you were lying.
Oh God, could you set me free?

The end of the line looks so different
From your description.
I'm sorry for making excuses
With no solution.

I'm too slow for comfort,
Stupid, and you're hurt.
I've mistaken your worth
Left undiscovered.
We fell asleep into a dream,
And never knew just what a nightmare it could be.
You and me, a fantasy,
We understood it all so differently.

I made a huge mistake.
At least, it feels that way.

This thing is coming full circle,
A grand exit, center stage.
You pictured me like a sunset,
Not the portrait I was painting.
Track Name: Fox Battalion
We never figured out exactly how to say goodbye,
I remember everything you ever told me was a lie.

Like a spider caught in its own web,
I'm your helpless victim, dumb and dead.
Come bite off a piece of me,
(With silk spun around my neck)
I know you're hungry.
(You're moirai toying with my flesh)
You know you want some, you know you want it.
(Are you spinner, alotter, or simply death?)

As crazy as it is, I wanted you
In spite of everything we couldn't do,
And even after all that we've been through,
I'll always wonder if you loved me too.

I want you to tell me something,
Don't hide behind your disguise.

The things I used to feel whenever you would cross my mind,
I knew that they were real but didn't realize I was blind.

You're a hateful, callous, broken girl,
You were made by an awful, cruel world,
But don't take it out on the rest of us.
(You pulled me down to a frigid hell I cannot escape now)
You're vain and shallow,
(I'm so hollow)
So damn hollow.

I am tired of this back and forth,
This is all I want and more.

I don't hate you, I don't love you.

Fool me again,
I am broken,
This was an accident
I won't soon forget.

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